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This Is What Justin Bieber's Best Day Ever Looks Like

Hint: It's very bromantic and no models or yachts were involved.

This one goes out to all the true Beliebers in the crowd.

Justin Bieber's been riding high on a wave of wealth, fame, and strapping good looks for years now. And while that's gotten him in trouble before, ahem, lately he's been trying to keep his high jinx (he himself coined it his "stupid phase") to a minimum because... MOM.

But still, when he took to Instagram Saturday (May 23) to video document what he called "pretty much the best day of [his] life," we were a little bit nervous to click play and find out what that might entail.

When we did, though, we found that the results were adorkably delightful. Because Biebs' idea of an awesome day apparently now involves all of the following:

1. Rolling Nerf gun dueling on nifty self-balancing electric scooters with his bros.

2. Sneaking up en masse to blast an unexpecting pal on a bean bag.

3. Doing a church song conga line throughout the living room.

4. Using his buddies as moving target practice.

5. And, finally, lounging around with his besties and throwing up peace.

Way to be, JB!