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Here's What We Learned From The Minds Of Ravers At A Dance Festival

When you ask random people personal questions at a festival, they actually give pretty great answers.

Everyone's got a mystery, right? When you're in the land of mysteries -- that is, Mysteryland USA, there's a ton of artistic mysteries for sure, but what about the hula hoopin', campin', beats-lovin' people at the show?

We decided to learn a little bit more about the festival goers who make the experience what it is. It turns out these folks have some really interesting thoughts that range from hilarious to contemplative to [shrug emoji].

Here's what some of the festival goers told us their mysteries were:

  • 'I just made out with my friend and now I don't know where she is. But screw it. It's ML.'
    Gavin Alaoen/MTV

    I think we learned that Stephen from Queens might have won Mysteryland, if that's even possible.

  • Kittens!
    Gavin Alaoen/MTV

    Kittens are full of mystery. And magic. And fluffiness. Mason and Michael from Texas reminded us of this truth.

  • 'Clouds in the blue sky'
    Gavin Alaoen/MTV

    Jodie from Queens got super deep on this one.

  • 'Why can't we just live here?'
    Gavin Alaoen/MTV

    Ryan from Boston raises a good question. It is pretty magical here.

  • 'Life changing'
    Gavin Alaoen/MTV

    Angie, Rachel and Ron reminded us of the life changing power of pizza. Just peep that inflatable pizza float.

  • 'A world of wonder'

    Serenity from Santa Cruz -- such a gem. The world is full of wonder indeed.

  • 'Will I die of the cold weather tonight?'
    Gavin Alaoen/MTV

    It was chilly at night this weekend! Taylor from Atlanta, GA was a happy camper nonetheless, but taught us to always pack extra blankets.

  • 'How am I getting home from here?'
    Gavin Alaoen/MTV

    Kelly from Clifton Park, NY reminded us why it's important to keep track of your keys at a music festival.

  • 'Am I a good guy?'
    Gavin Alaoen/MTV

    Juliano from Clifton Park, NY reminded us that sometimes, it's good to look introspectively.

  • 'My body'
    Gavin Alaoen/MTV

    Vincent from Queens spoke to all of our souls on this one.

  • Gavin Alaoen/MTV

    And his bejeweled cast was the ultimate lesson in positivity.

What's your mystery? Let us know in the comments!