Rachel Paoletta/MTV

These Mysteries Of Mysteryland Will Make You Feel The FOMO

Disco rhinos, musical frogs and good vibes — it's all part of the charm.

Swinging teddy bear chairs? Trees adorned with tiny mailboxes, brimming with love letters? These whimsical quirks -- among many others -- are just part of the magical milieu at Mysteryland USA.

Bethel Woods, which hosted the Woodstock festival in 1969, now welcomes almost 20,000 people onto its groovy grounds, and the easy, breezy, bohemian spirit of Woodstock lives on at every corner of the festival's spectacular art and set designs.

We scouted the grounds at Mysteryland to find the most surprising, beautiful, WTF-enducing pieces of art that are as mysterious -- and magical -- as the grounds that host them.

  • What's this disco rhino doing here?
    Rachel Paoletta/MTV

    Just one of the many animals at this zany zoo.

  • WTF is this thing?
    Rachel Paoletta/MTV

    Is it providing electricity to anxious festival-goers whose phones are dying? Sending out wavelengths of good vibes? The people demand answers.

  • Why is this giant frog playing music?

    And who are these people in the front (who, by the way, are absolutely thriving)?

  • What did she say?
    Rachel Paoletta/MTV

    One of life's great unanswered questions.

  • Why does this tree have a mustache?
    Rachel Paoletta/MTV

    And how does that tiny hat in the distance fit ever-so-perfectly on Emilee's head?

  • Speaking of hats, why is this tree full of them?
    Rachel Paoletta/MTV

    This forest is full of surprises.

  • What's this giant bear doing here?
    Rachel Paoletta/MTV

    Here's Gavin next to the bear, for scale.

  • What are these painfully adorable mailboxes doing in a tree?
    Rachel Paoletta/MTV

    Turns out they have love letters in them. *Cue the feels*

  • What are these balloons doing up here?
    Rachel Paoletta/MTV

    And when is someone gonna make it rain balloons? Because, um, that's my dream.

  • What's this giant TV without a screen?
    Rachel Paoletta/MTV

    Cory's reaction captures all of our excitement about this one.

  • Why is this swinging chair made of teddy bears?
    Gavin Alaoen/MTV

    IDK, but I had to test it out.

  • Is this the real life?
    Rachel Paoletta/MTV

    Is this just fantasy? At Mysteryland, it seems they're one in the same. And it's a beautiful thing.