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Are Kendrick Lamar And Dr. Dre Fighting Over The Same Woman In This Leaked Track?

'2 Nite' is the night.

We know Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar have a special special friendship and that the Good Doctor has given K-Dot "all the confidence in the world."

You can definitely hear that self-confidence on "2 Nite," a leaked track that some are speculating might have been recorded back in 2011 for Dre's forever-percolating Detox record based on Kendrick's Section 80-era flow. The song also features a silky smooth -- and kind of nasty -- soul hook from Jeremih, floating along on a sample of the Roots' 2009 "You Got Me" featuring Erykah Badu.

"She got that s--t that make you kill a n---a/Crack that last bottle, I'll kill it with you/Pour my feelings out and spill it with ya/That's a no-no, but what he don't know never hurt him/So just desert him," Dre spits over the throwback Soulquarians vibe. At one point in his verse about hooking up with a woman who already has a man, Dre even drops into a kind of scowly growl that, yes, might remind you of another one of his proteges, Slim Shady.

Sliding into the groove, Lamar sounds like he might be playing the cheated-on boyfriend, suspiciously saying, "Now here we go again, from the bed to the floor again/I hear your phone on vibrate and I know it's him/But that's what happens when that kitty's in the lion's den/You start lying and changing placed you might have been."

Your Memorial Day just got better, better.