Kendrick Lamar Says His Friendship With Dr. Dre Is 'A Blessing'

'He sees a good kid in a bad city the same way he grew up,' Lamar tells MTV News of his bond with Dre.

Any rapper who says that they don't want a beat from [artist id="1061"]Dr. Dre[/artist] either has to be lying or crazy, right? Well, New West Coast representative [artist id="3872750"]Kendrick Lamar[/artist] is neither. Though he is currently working on his upcoming indie album, Section 80, Lamar has also been contributing to Dre's long-awaited Detox LP. Now, K.Dot has confirmed to MTV News that Dre has been overseeing Section 80, although the rap icon hasn't contributed any beats to it.

"I didn't want no work yet. That's the crazy part — I didn't. I wanted to go full just me — me and my team. I wanted to save that [Dre collaboration] for something bigger," Lamar explained before revealing his vision. "Bigger would be Detox. My first, me and Dre, I want them to hear it on Detox."

It's no secret that the Good Doctor has taken a liking to Lamar: He's endorsed the young rapper in radio interviews, appeared at his shows and posed for pictures with the Compton upstart. As of yet, though, Kendrick and Dre have had no formal business dealings — just a good personal relationship.

"As far as the music, we got a chemistry that's unmatched to me. Alongside with the music, we just talk about stuff, just talk about life in general," Lamar told MTV News. "I think that's why we clash together so perfect, because he sees a good kid in a bad city the same way he grew up. So we can talk about certain situations that he never talked about. I think right there alone, it's a blessing to me — for a personal relationship with him, not just the music."

Still, with all the music making and personal bonding, surely the notion of Kendrick signing to Dre's Interscope-distributed Aftermath label has had to come up. Lamar wouldn't go into detail — instead, he just smirked and remarked, "It's been in the air."

K.Dot, who is signed to West Coast independent label Top Dawg Entertainment, may not know which major he will be calling home or if he will even sign to one, but he is pretty confident about one thing — he will have a guest spot on Dre's Detox, whenever it may come out. And, whereas powerhouse artists like 50 Cent have admitted to recording for the album but couldn't say for certain whether they'd make the final track list, young Kendrick has no doubt. "Nah, I'm confirmed a few times," he said.

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