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Here's An Extended Preview Of Eminem's New Single 'Phenomenal'

We're inching closer to the full version.

Back in March, we got a preview of "Phenomenal," the new single from Eminem, which was briefly featured in the trailer for the movie "Southpaw." All we heard, though, was Em shout, "I am phenomenal" as the clip came to a close.

On Friday, May 22, thanks to a new Beats by Dr. Dre commercial, we get a little -- and really, just a little -- more of a preview of the song.

The spot stars fellow Michigan native Draymond Green, a forward for the Golden State Warriors, who are currently playing the Houston Rockets in the NBA's Western Conference Finals. After a minute of Draymond dealing with invasive questions from reporters, he throws on his headphones and the beat and rapper's voice come in.

"Let me self-empower you," Em raps on the DJ Khalil-produced track. "When you down and they're trying to clown the f--k out of you/ When you feel like you're running out of fuel/ I'll show you how to use doubt as fuel."

The track will be featured on the soundtrack to "Southpaw," which drops in July. Eminem will serve as executive producer of the soundtrack.

“We have been involved in developing 'Southpaw' since it’s inception and Eminem has dedicated himself to ensuring that this film captured his passion for the project through his music," Shady Records co-founder Paul Rosenberg said in a release. "We've assembled a great soundtrack to accompany what's sure to be one of the finest boxing films ever.”

The movie hits theaters July 24.