Teacher Arrested For Letting Middle Schoolers Have Sex In Closet

ISIS takes half of Syria and police I.D. man wanted in D.C. mansion murders.

Math Teacher Reportedly Gave Students Condoms

Quentin Wright is out of a job and behind bars on four misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The 25-year-old Atlanta teacher was arrested on Tuesday after complaints from parents that he set up times with his middle school students to have sex in his empty classroom… provided them with condoms and kept a lookout to keep anyone from interrupting. The arrest warrant in the case claims that Wright, “willfully encourage(d) a minor under the age of 17 to commit the offense of statutory rape.” One mother said Wright sent her son a calendar showing him teacher’s schedules and reminding him not to tell anyone about the arrangement. In March, the CDC released a study showing that more than 20% of female and 10% of male high school students have experienced some form of dating violence in the past year, including being forced into unwanted sexual behaviors.

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Alleged D.C. Mansion Killer I.D.’d From Domino’s Order

Police in Washington, D.C. have issued an arrest warrant for 34-year-old Daron Dylon Wint, the prime suspect in the murder of a prominent area family, whose house was burned down after their killings. Police said a crust of pizza from a pie that Wint allegedly ordered while he was holding the victims last week helped supply the DNA to issue the warrant for first-degree murder while armed. Police found no sign of forced entry at the mansion and are still puzzling over why the owner’s assistant dropped off a package with $40,000 in cash while the victims were held; the family’s blue Porsche was found torched in a parking lot after the house fire.

Islamic State Takes Half Of Syria

Suddenly ISIS’ march into Ramadi in Iraq doesn’t seem like as big a deal. On Thursday, the so-called Islamic State grabbed more than half of Syria after taking full control of the town of Palmyra and its ancient ruins. To date, ISIS has seized more than 36,000 square miles of the country, including most of its gas and oil fields. A video posted online (shown below) allegedly shows militants burning a poster of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad inside the prison in Palmyra. And it gets worse: FBI director James Comey said this week that ISIS’ social media recruiting is "the biggest threat, the most urgent threat" that his bureau is facing.

Quick Take: What did Osama Bin Laden like to read? Among the 38 English-language books found in the 9/11 mastermind’s possession when he was killed in 2011 were a bunch of conspiracy theory books, including “Bloodlines of the Iluminati,” “America’s Strategic Blunders,” “Obama’s Wars” and the suicide prevention guide, “Is It the Heart You Are Asking?”