Deadly Shootout Between Cops And Biker Gangs Leaves 9 Dead, 192 Arrested

ISIS has taken over major Iraqi city, Amtrak train stuck by object before derailment?

Cops Knew The Gangs Were Meeting, So How Did This Happen?

In a scene out of a 1970s drive-in movie, three rival motorcycle gangs gathered in the parking lot of the Waco, Texas, restaurant Twin Peaks sports bar on Sunday afternoon for a pre-arranged meeting that cops knew was going to happen, but which still ended in a bloody massacre. In fact, SWAT teams were on hand and said the situation could have been avoided if the restaurant’s management had listened to their warnings about the potential for violence. In the end, though, 9 people were killed and 18 injured from gun and knife wounds and 192 bikers were arrested on organized crime charges after a huge fight broke out that eventually involved bikers shooting at cops as well.

Major Iraqi City Falls To ISIS

The battle against the terror group ISIS took a huge step backward on Sunday. Shi’ite paramilitary units were getting ready to deploy to Anbar province in Iraq – just 60 miles from the capital of Baghdad – after ISIS militants overran Ramadi in what is being called the biggest defeat for the Iraqi government since last summer, when the Islamic State captured one-third of the country. The U.S.-led coalition increased air strikes overnight in the majority-Sunni area, but U.S. officials fear that deploying soldiers from the rival Shi’ite ethnic group might actually further inflame the situation. Since Friday, more than 500 people have been killed in Ramadi, which has been plagued by suicide attacks from ISIS militants that led many Iraqi security forces to reportedly abandon their weapons and equipment and flee the city.

Did Something Hit That Amtrak Train Before It Crashed?

The investigation into what caused last week’s deadly Amtrak derailment has revealed some confounding evidence. In addition to black box data that shows engineer Brandon Bastion inexplicably increased its speed as it was coming into a curve, there is now a focus on fist-sized hole in the train’s windshield that has led to speculation that it was hit by an object just before the crash. While there was no communication between Bastion and dispatch to suggest the strike, two other trains traveling through that area also reported being struck by something unknown objects. Regular service between Philadelphia and New York resumed on Monday (May 18), with new safety measures in place.

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