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5 Seconds Of Summer Give Fans A Mysterious Sneak Peek Inside Their Rehearsal

5 Seconds of Summer sent us into another freakout with this #5ONTHEWALL surprise.

Oh, 5 Seconds of Summer. Being a fan of those four crazy Aussies is a thrilling, exhausting roller coaster ride of emotions. You just never know when they’ll wake up, decide “this seems like a good day to send our fans into full-fledged freakouts,” and then laugh menacingly as they plot our collective meltdown (at least, that’s how we imagine it).

Back in March, the boys started a s--t storm of mayhem when they randomly tweeted the hashtag #5ONTHEWALL, linking to a cryptic website displaying a fuzzy TV screen and a constantly-resetting countdown. After what seemed like centuries (but was really only an hour or so), a silent, 10-minute video was uploaded, showing the boys being super silly in their dressing room at a show in Tokyo.

Today (May 19), the band did the same exact thing (with no warning whatsoever!), tweeting the same hashtag and linking to the same page.

And just like last time, everyone was trying to guess what the eff it all meant as they waited patiently in front of their screens for the countdown to stop and the video to magically materialize.

Finally, the video appeared and we were gifted with 6 minutes and 34 seconds of bizarre, baffling, and colorless bliss as we watched the boys during rehearsal. Much to our surprise, there was some audio this time (yay!), but it kept cutting in and out (boo!).

Among the highlights of today’s new clip:

  1. Luke sang Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name” while Ashton played air guitar (it hasn’t been or confirmed or denied that he knows any more than that one line of the chorus, BUT STILL. It was great!).
  2. Luke busted out his signature hilarious high kicks. How he’s able to lift his leg in those beautifully, startlingly tight pants, we shall never know.
  3. Luke got on the drums and Ashton played bass!
  4. There was some random banter about croissants.
  5. Ash pounded on the drums like a maniac, but the audio was muted so we couldn't hear it. :(
  6. And Luke adorably failed at counting in Spanish.

Besides that, some fans pointed out that it sounded like a studio version of “Permanent Vacation” was playing in the background, which hopefully means it’ll be released sometime in the near future.

Just like the video in March, this clip only appeared on the site for a limited time before being taken down. Thankfully, the band also put it on YouTube for our collective binge-watching pleasure, which you can see here.

Needless to say, 5SOS fans are over the moon about their Tuesday surprise -- it's so exciting and refreshing for a band to give fans a glimpse into their private lives and give them a chance to be a fly "on the wall." Just goes to show, being a fan of this band may make you grow gray hairs a little quicker, but ultimately, those boys make our lives so fun that we don’t even care.

More #5ONTHEWALL soon, please!