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What Is 5 Seconds Of Summer Planning With This Confusing #5ONTHEWALL Website?

Watch the band get goofy in this hilarious backstage footage that they released to fans for a limited time only.

5 Seconds of Summer sent their fandom into a full-fledged freakout on Tuesday (March 3) when they tweeted the hashtag “#5ONTHEWALL.”

Fans quickly figured out it was a website, but the cryptic page only showed a fuzzy television screen and a countdown that constantly resets. Naturally, everyone became really stressed out trying to decipher the meaning of it all.

Then the miraculous happened — for a limited time, the website showed a silent video filmed backstage during a recent 5SOS show in Tokyo. The ten-minute long clip showed the Aussie hotties in their natural habitat, being their hilariously goofy selves. Among the highlights:

Calum made some adorable faces.


Michael gave us a glimpse at their setlist.


The boys rocked the f--k out with each other (perhaps to some new music?!).


And Michael and Ashton took their pants off.


Other than that, there was a ton of hair mussing and fussing (looking at you, Luke) and lots of silly dancing. Needless to say, 5SOS fans were totally smitten and loved every second of it.

But for some reason, the #5ONTHEWALL video was mysteriously taken down. Hmmm...maybe they’ll be replacing it with another new behind-the-scenes video soon? For now, you can see the whole thing in all its glory right here.

5SOS fans, we want to hear your theories behind the #5ONTHEWALL website! Do you think the boys are planning a movie or tour doc like their mates One Direction? Do you think they’re counting down to new music? Tell us in the comments below!