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Ariana Grande Ditches Her Ponytail For A New Hairstyle

While we've come to expect Ariana Grande's hair to be styled in her trademark half-up, half-down ponytail, she's been switching it up on us recently. First, she brought back her blonde hair. Then, she accessorized with a ribbon. Over the weekend, she changed things up even more on us, wearing her hair completely up in a bun.

While Ari has dabbled in braided buns and a half-up top knot, this is the first time in a long, LONG time she's gone full bun. Between the choker, white dress, and bun, she's serving up some serious Wilma Flinstone vibes, right?? It appears, however, that she is in a car that runs on gasoline, rather than feet. Bummer.

Ariana also shared a video where we get a 360º view of the 'do AND a sample of her British accent which is very impressive, IMHO.

Now that Ariana has been trying out a number of different hairstyles, do you think something more ~dramatic~ might be coming?? If there's room for requests from the public, summer is the perfect time to try short hair, Ari—just sayin'!