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Ariana Grande Wears A Hair Bow For The First Time In Two Years

But ribbons aren't 'back,' OK?

Last week, Ariana Grande brought back her blonde ponytail, at least "for a lil," confirming that summer can officially start, and that she was feeling nostalgic for her hairstyles of yesteryear. In a photo from the "stu"—studio, for those not in the know—Ariana revealed that she's reverting to even older styles.

The photo may be from an, um, unusual angle, but, no, your eyes do not deceive you—that is a bow. While Ariana confirms in the caption that she "threw it back w that ribbon," she wants to make it very clear that "this does not mean in any way shape or form means that ribbons are 'back' lol."

Wait. Remember—before cat ears—when Ariana's fave accessory was a ponytail ribbon that was color-coordinated with her outfit?? A few years ago, Ariana was alllll about bows.

  • There was this white one.
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  • This yellow one.
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  • Also, this hot pink one.
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  • And, of course, this light pink one from "The Way."
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Now that she's brought back both blonde hair AND ribbons, is it too ambitious to hope that Ariana returns to her red hair, at least for a little? Our fingers are crossed.