'Pitch Perfect 2' Dominated The Weekend Box Office -- Will It Change Things For Women In Hollywood?

Female directors deserve (and demand) equal respect.

This weekend's box office numbers are a giant step in the right direction for women in Hollywood. "Pitch Perfect 2" -- helmed by first-time director Elizabeth Banks -- pulled in $70.3 million this weekend, according to Variety. Add to it the fact that the first installment of "Pitch Perfect" has a lifetime domestic gross of $65 million, so the sequel made more than the entire North American theatrical run of the first film in one weekend. As Fat Amy would say, "Crushed it."

This is the second huge female-directed hit for Universal this year – "Fifty Shades of Grey," led by Sam Taylor-Johnson, had a massive opening weekend and has pulled in almost $600 million worldwide to date.

It's also worth mentioning that this weekend's "Pitch Perfect 2" box office competition, "Mad Max: Fury Road," also had a sizable showing, and is being lauded for its feminism. While it's still an uphill battle for female directors in Hollywood – and the ACLU is officially on the case – it's enough to make one hope that these numbers will support widespread change throughout the industry.