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Happy Mother's Day To These First-Time MTV Moms!

It's sure to be a very special Sunday for these mamas.

Being a mom is an indescribable and truly rewarding experience, and this year, for the first time, a bunch of MTV ladies will celebrate Mother's Day as parents, themselves.

In honor of the upcoming holiday -- it's in two days! -- we're honoring the network's gals who have given birth since last May. Be prepared to oooh and ahhhh at the adorable family photos below:

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    The "Jersey" gal's life was forever changed when she and Roger Mathews were blessed with their "angel baby" Meilani in July 2014. Now, the longtime couple's "chunk" is on the move and will turn the big 0-1 in two months. Before we know it, sweet little M will be spending summers at Seaside Heights and making everlasting memories at Karma.

  • Paula Beckert
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    Schlepping up a mountain and devouring all sorts of ridiculous food items was nothing compared to the exciting "Challenge" the incredible competitor embarked on last summer: The "Rivals" and "Rivals II" champ joyfully welcomed baby boy Atlas with hubby Jack. Perhaps we'll see this little munchkin going for the game show's top prize in 2035?! His mama can certainly teach him a thing or two about game play and politicking...

  • Amber Diamond
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    The Texan found her perfect match Ethan on the inaugural season of "Are You the One?" -- and an engagement, wedding and daughter Scarlett soon followed. The Truth Booth certainly didn't lie with these two lovebirds!

  • Holly Montag
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    Paging auntie Heidi Montag and uncle Spencer Pratt! Holls' bundle of joy Isaiah made his big debut last Sunday -- just in the nick of time for Mother's Day!

  • And a special shout-out to these pregnant Katie Cooley
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    The "Inferno" winner is due any day now with her own mini-me. Wonder if the babe will be equally as feisty?

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    The explosions between the bubbly blond and her fellow castie Brian Williams are officially in the past: The longtime "Real World" couple rekindled their romance after leaving San Fran -- and in several months, they'll be mom and dad to a little lady.

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    Thanksgiving Day 2015 will certainly be extraordinary for the "Battle of the Exes 2" runner up!

Here's to these first-time mothers, and Happy Mother's Day to all!