Colin Gray | MTV

The Vamps Dedicate A Simple Song To Zayn Malik: Watch The Hilarious Clip

Watch their revamped cover of 'Cecilia.'

We've all dealt with the departure of Zayn Malik from One Direction in different ways. Many have cried, some have ripped up his picture, and others have written angry tweets. The Vamps grieve with song.

The guys covered the Simon and Garfunkel song "Cecilia" like usual (they have a version with Shawn Mendes on their Meet The Vamps album), but this one is more heartfelt, as they beg the 1D heartthrob to come back.

"You did the high notes/ You were my favorite/ Your hair was sexy/ I loved it," Brad, James, Connor and Tristan sang -- or, rapped. "But then you left us/ Like a Naughty Boy/ Now my whole world's void of any kind of joy."

The whole song is silly for a very serious topic. Malik announced he was leaving the boy band on March 25 after dealing with a lot of stress. He said he just wanted a normal life. After that, rumors of a solo career swirled, along with talk that he may have gotten secretly married to fiance Perrie Edwards.

So, we feel you, guys. We feel you.