Did 'Carter' Have An Obligation To Tell Her Siblings About David's Affair?

Damned if she did, damned if she didn't...

If you're lucky, a family secret involves a classified recipe or unknown relatives who are camped out in Eastern Europe. On "Finding Carter," sadly, the concept has rarely been quite as gladdening.

Carter, who's known for some time that her father David had an affair (with Lori, the woman who twice kidnapped Carter, no less), agreed to keep the indiscretion a secret from her siblings, until Tuesday night's episode, when Carter's sister Taylor stumbled upon a provocative photo of David in Carter's desk.

Carter tried to stay mum but eventually spilled the beans to Taylor that it belonged to Lori, who'd snapped it during a night she'd spent with David years earlier. Enraged, Taylor then marched downstairs and confronted her parents. David tried to temporarily avoid the subject, but Elizabeth confirmed Taylor's worst fears, and suddenly, Taylor set her sights on Carter.

"We're sisters, you should've told me!" she shouted, and though Carter explained she was simply honoring a promise to David to stay quiet, Taylor persisted. "I don't know who to be more mad at: you guys or Lori, who somehow still manages to screw up my life, even from jail."

Finally, after thinking things over, David volunteered the details about the affair -- which happened when Carter and Taylor were toddlers -- to Taylor. "Your mom and I were having issues at home; Lori was my way to avoid dealing with them," David recalled. "Using a physical relationship to hide from your problems; I hope you never have to experience that."

David's words seemed to temporarily placate Taylor, but it was clear she still wasn't quite over the deceit -- the latest entry in a long line of damaging family lies.

What do you think -- did Carter have a responsibility to tell Grant and Taylor about David's infidelity, or was she right to keep her promise to David and spare them the discomfort of the truth? Tell us what you think, and be sure to see how this plays out on the next "Finding Carter," next Tuesday at 10/9c!

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