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Nicki Minaj Helped This Boy Become A Man By Giving Him A Night He'll Never Forget

Matt, you're lucky.

Nicki Minaj has a bit of a rep for making fans dreams come true. From birthday shoutouts to magical healing boobs, she's got love for Barbz and Kenz all around the world. And she was at it again this weekend.

Nicki performed at a Bar Mitzvah for a lucky kid named Matt, and if that wasn't enough for the 13-year-old, he tried to hit on her, too.

While on stage at the event, she was asking people in the crowd their age. When she got to Matt, he went for it: "Old enough," he said. Nic, of course, lost it.

But it must have won over her heart, because she showed him love on Instagram. "With my new boy toy at his Bar Mitzvah. Hi Matt!" she wrote. "Mazel Tov! ❤️"

She also kicked it with Matt's parents and former New York Knick John Starks.

And to tell you how epic this night was, just consider the hashtag she used: #TheBarMitzvah. Not #MattsBarMitzvah. This was literalyl the Bar Mitzvah. None of the others, ever, mattered. Including mine. Because Nicki Minaj wasn't there.

And my friends and I didn't get to take a picture like this with Nicki Minaj. And Nicki Minaj didn't call us "little hunks," like she did these blessed individuals.

It wasn't all harmless flirtation between pre-teens and a rap superstar, though. The Young Money MC also performed songs like "Super Bass."

Plus, she had a powerful message for all the young women in the house, too.

Clearly, the fellas and ladies each had plenty to love about Nicki's showing.

Welcome to manhood, Matt.

Donnie, you've got some competition.