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Nicki Minaj Just Made A Fan's Birthday With This Adorable Shoutout

Nicki Minaj made this Barb's b-day.

Nicki Minaj sure knows how to treat her fans.

After consoling a young lad’s soul with her boobs and giving another fan the dance she dreamed of, the rapper gave “a pretty little Barbie doll” the birthday shoutout she always wanted.

"I brought this pretty little Barbie doll on stage and it just happens to be her b-day tomorrow,” Minaj said on Instagram after her show in Leeds in England on Thursday. “Happy b-day, my love. Leeds! You were an absolute dream come true tonight.”

That fan may have gotten a shoutout, but Nicki also shared more images from her tour, so, really, we all win.

And we even got a little glimpse of what “Grand Piano” sounds like live.

It seems Nicki will continue making fans' dreams come true as she rounds out her European tour dates. Minaj is set to complete the overseas leg of the tour Apr. 12 and she’s scheduled to start her U.S. run Jul. 17 in Dallas, Texas.