Roger Kisby/Getty Images

Hold Up, Did Young Thug Just Get Engaged?

We sure hope so.

Young Thug is having a huge week: he just released his latest mixtape, the Lil-Wayne-referencing Barter 6, and announced his new record Hy!£UN35. Now, seems like he may have just taken another big step, though not in a musical direction: Thug may have just gotten engaged.

Thug's always been a lover— he's been with his girlfriend Jerrika Karlae for a long time, and his lyrics are often filled with romantic sentiment.

"I love you til death," he rapped on last year's "Givenchy."

Nothing is for certain, but if the pictures Young Thug posted on Instagram yesterday are any indication, wedding bells may be in the air for the Rich Gang warbler.

Thug posted an image of two diamond rings, captioned with a message directed at Karlae:

"Will U? ? ?"

The next picture he posted seemed to answer his question— it's an adorable snap of the two kissing, clearly showing off their new matching rings.

Young Thug captioned the picture "4LIFE!!!"

Of course, none of this is for sure— neither Thug nor Karlae have confirmed anything officially. Still, Karlae seems just as enthusiastic. She also 'grammed the picture of the kiss, adding the caption "Please make it to where we could like pics more than once <3."

If this turns out to be legitimate, we have only one response: Yaaasssss!

This wouldn't be the only other possible hip-hop nuptials to be announced this week. Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill might have also taken the next step in their relationship.