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Wait, Did Nicki Minaj Just Announce Her Engagement To Meek Mill?

Either that or Nicki is trolling us.

It looks like Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are engaged -- either that or rap's reigning queen is playing a trick on us.

MTV News reached out to a Cash Money representative but received no official confirmation at press time. Still, here's why we think this could be true.

Nicki shocked fans when she posted a photo of her and her beau Meek Mill on Instagram late Tuesday. Why? Well, yes, it does look like she's back to having pink hair in the flick, but what really caught us all off guard was what looks like a fit-for-a-queen engagement ring on her left hand.

Then, on Wednesday (Apr. 15), Nicki posted a tweet with emojis for a ring, a heart and a diamond. I mean, is she really trying to tell us something here or what? It's hard to imagine any other announcement she might be making with this, right?

Following the engagement ring pic that shocked Barbz everywhere, she also posted what could be a cute text message exchange.

Fans have (obviously) been reacting to Minaj's posts by going bonkers.

And Meek Mill hasn't said too much, but he did agree with a fan who said he's "lucky" because of his relationship with Minaj.


So, are the "Queen of Hearts and King of Spades" really engaged? Well, they tried to keep their relationship on the hush for some time, but Minaj's IG and Twitter posts make us think they could be ready to make this official anytime soon.