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Sam Smith Only Has Four More Pounds To Lose — And Beyoncé Is Helping Him

Remember, Sam: you're ***FLAWLESS.

If you’ve been following Sam Smith’s weight loss journey on Instagram, you’ll know he’s already shed some serious pounds, having previously revealed he’s down 14 pounds.

The soulful singer has credited his success to Amelia Freer, a nutritionist and the author of Eat. Nourish. Glow. But now, the 22-year-old is opening up about another special woman who’s given him some healthy tips: none other than one of his own personal idols, Beyoncé.

"I did have a conversation with Beyoncé about food, which was great," Sam said in a recent interview.

It’s pretty obvious why anyone would seek out fitspiration advice from Queen Bey — besides her consistently lean-and-mean bikini selfies, she also has an admirably healthy diet and even launched her own vegan meal service.

In an Instagram pic posted Friday (April 17), the “Lay Me Down” singer also revealed his latest weight loss milestone, saying, "Beautiful catch up with the incredible @ameliafreerxx 4 pounds away from my goal weight and feel happier and healthier than ever."

We love that Sam is promoting a healthy lifestyle, so we’ve put together some of Bey’s most inspirational lyrics to push him through those last four pounds.

  1. “I been sippin’/That’s the only thing that’s keeping me on fire” -“Drunk In Love”

    For when you’re drinking a delish green juice or protein shake that’ll DEF get you feeling on fire.

  2. “I love to see you walk into the room/Body shining, lighting up the place” -“Hello”

    For when you make people’s jaws drop with your amazing transformation.

  3. “Are you happy with yourself?” -“Pretty Hurts”

    For when you need to remind yourself that you’re doing this to feel confident, content, and beautiful. Keep going until you’re at peace.

  4. “See you gotta work it out/A brotha gotta work it out” -“Work It Out”

    For all those sweaty cardio sessions.

  5. “By the way if you need a personal trainer or a therapist/I can be your sunshine, inner peace, entertainer” -“Rocket”

    For when you need to remember that Queen Bey is your personal life and fitness coach.

  6. “Lemme upgrade you” -“Upgrade U”

    For when you remind yourself that living a healthy lifestyle is an upgrade.

  7. “Baby I won’t shed a tear for you/I won’t lose a wink of sleep” -“Irreplaceable”

    For when you kiss goodbye to all the pants that don’t fit you anymore.

  8. “I’m killing you with them legs/Better yet, them thighs/Matter of fact it’s my smile, or maybe my eyes?” -“Ego”

    For when you’re such amazing shape that literally EVERY part of your body is your favorite thing about yourself.

  9. “Do whatever it takes, he got a winner’s mind/Give it all to him, meet him at the finish line” -“Countdown”

    For when weight loss feels like a marathon, not a race, and you need a reminder that the finish line is so close!

  10. “Legs movin’ side to side, smack it, smack it in the air” -“7/11”
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    For when you just need to move. Honestly, this whole song is like one long workout with all its clapping and smacking and waving and spinning.

  11. “You wake up, flawless…Say I look so good tonight, goddamn, goddamn” -“Flawless”

    For when you need a boost of confidence — because you ARE flawless, no matter what.