Shawn Mendes’ New ‘Aftertaste’ Video Ends With The Most Heartbreaking Cliffhanger

Plus, Shawn reveals to MTV News if more Handwritten videos are on the way.

The saga of Shawn Mendes and his mysterious, dancing (ex-?) girlfriend continues in the brand new music video for “Aftertaste.”

Just a few days after releasing his debut album, Handwritten, the 16-year-old has gifted us with the fourth installment of his video series, the follow-up to last month’s “Stitches.” In that video, his presumed ex-beau burned his letter and had an epic dance party for one as Shawn sang about a love so painful he needed stitches.

But judging by the new clip for “Aftertaste,” our hero is on the mend-es (sorry, had to) and reminding his former love, “No one can replace me/I’m permanent, you can’t erase me.” The video finds him reflecting on his broken relationship as he sings soulfully in his bedroom and strolls around town.

In sharing the inspiration for “Aftertaste,” Shawn told MTV News, “It was written to be an empowering song about being broken up with and getting back up. It’s about that somewhat passionate, angry feeling you get when you realize you don't need the person anymore and getting over it.”

The clip ends with a total cliffhanger, as Shawn finds a mysterious letter on his doorstep (which we’re guessing is from the girl)...and the story will continue.

Or will it?! MTV News went straight to the source to find out if “Aftertaste” is the final piece of the Handwritten puzzle.

“This is the last one of this series for now but there are definitely more videos to come from the album!” Shawn revealed. “I want to leave the end for [fans] to figure out and interpret themselves.”

The MTV Artist to Watch’s multi-video series has definitely been a creative approach that’s kept fans on the edge of their seats, which Shawn told us is exactly the reaction he wanted.

“We wanted to paint a story with all four of the videos of a girl that is going through tough times,” he said. “You can't really tell what is happening to her but it's meant to show her during a breakup and the whole process of getting through it.”

Tell us: What do you think is in Shawn’s note? Is the mystery girl giving him a heartfelt apology or has she written some scathing words of her own? Let us know what you think in the comments!