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Here Is Everything We Know About Justin Bieber’s Album…So Far

I'm tired of waiting.

In just two months, it will mark three years since we've gotten a new album from Justin Bieber.

That's a long time to wait for something you really want, but Beliebers, as we all know, it's coming... soon.

Each week, a new detail about his upcoming album emerges, which is why I decided to compile all the facts about Justin's album in one place. Here are 11 things we know about Justin's fourth album, so far.

  1. Giving People Hope

    Over this past year, Justin's whole direction changed and now has a more positive outlook on things. See, Justin said he "lost hope" for awhile, but it's all about "getting out that rut."

  2. It's Selena-Inspired

    With a roller coaster romance spanning several years, it's no wonder that Justin admitted that a lot of his inspiration comes from Selena Gomez. “It was a long relationship and a relationship that created heartbreak and created happiness and a lot of different emotions that I wanted to write about, so there’s a lot of that on this album.”

  3. Hail Yeezus

    Justin has teamed up with none other than Kanye West to help bring is vision to life, revealing that Kanye has been pushing him. "He pulls something out of you that other people don’t,” Bieber said.

  4. It Will Shock You

    Justin's manager Scooter Braun teased that JB's music will "shock some people and make others really happy.”

  5. It May Get Personal

    Back in January, Justin posted two snippets of songs on his Instagram where he was asking himself some pretty tough questions. “How do our lies become lighter?/ How do our eyes become brighter?/ You gotta believe in something higher,” he sings.

  6. It May Be Stripped Down

    Justin performed a surprise show in Los Angeles back in January, getting on stage with just his guitar. Could it be an acoustic album?

  7. And That's What Usher Wants

    Justin's mentor, Usher told us that he wants to see his protege go back to his roots on his new music, "‘Cause when I found him, he had a guitar in his hand — I want to see that.”

  8. Rick Rubin's Stamp Of Approval

    The Biebs isn't messing around and brought in "the man" Rick Rubin to help produce his album, marking the first time these two have worked together.

  9. A-List Collaborations?

    Justin has been in the studio with so many different people over the past year, from Chris Brown, to Austin Mahone, to Lil Wayne to Ariana Grande. However, we have no clue who will end up on the album, but if I had things my way, it would be them all.

  10. Get Ready To Dance

    If you like Justin's collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo on their Jack Ü project (I certainly can't stop listening to it), you're in luck. Justin told a Miami radio station that the three are "going to collaborate on my next album and do something really special."

  11. There's No Rush

    Beliebers, I know you want new music ASAP, but Justin's "not in a rush," since he wants to "create the best piece of art that I can create." Justin told Ryan Seacrest that he's not "playing around" with this record and that he wants to translate to his fans that "this life is hard."