Ed Sheeran Will Make You Dance And Swoon On Martin Garrix’s New Track ‘Rewind, Repeat It’

It's just so good.

I'm seriously convinced there is nothing Ed Sheeran can't do.

While I have to admit when Martin Garrix revealed that he recruited the "Thinking Out Loud" singer for his track "Rewind Repeat It," I was a little skeptical of how Ed's sweet soothing voice would sound over a heavy dance beat. But, after hearing the track, I'm so glad he did it, and yes, I will be rewinding and repeating all day long.

The Dutch DJ/producer premiered the track at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, and over a pulsating beat, Ed brings his sweet lyrics to the track all about having one more night with someone you love.

"Stay for the night/ Call it what you want and I'll compromise to have you in my arms/ Is this what you needed?/ Cause I'll find the faith in everything/ Don't fight the feeling rewind repeat it," he sings.

The song has been in the works for quite some time -- apparently it was finished in September -- after the two met in Los Angeles last year and Garrix shared with Ed a chord progression he'd been working on with the British star.

“Like, one or two days later he sent me a WhatsApp message with a voice note, like, ‘Do you like this?’ and I was like, ‘Oh, this is amazing.’ And before I knew it, he wrote the complete top line on it and, yeah, right now I’m working on the track around the top line,” Martin told us last July.

And since Martin has incorporated the track into his sets, maybe Ed will too? The singer just announced that he has added a second leg to his North American tour kicking off in Houston, Texas on September 3.