Ed Sheeran's Working On Something 'Amazing' With Party Pal Martin Garrix

The Dutch DJ/producer gives MTV News the scoop on his wild night out with the singer/songwriter.

DOVER, Delaware -- Whether he's kicking it with the Biebs or getting his karaoke on with Psy, there's no question about it: Ed Sheeran knows how to party.

So when MTV News caught up with Dutch DJ/producer Martin Garrix after his set at the Firefly Music Festival, we weren't surprised to learn he too experienced a wild night with the singer/songwriter after a recording session in the Netherlands.

The duo teamed up for a track entitled "Rewind Repeated," after meeting in Los Angeles. Upon expressing interest in working together, Garrix shared a chord progression he'd been working on during an earlier flight, and Sheeran took it from there.

"Like, one or two days later he sent me a WhatsApp message with a voice note, like, 'Do you like this?' and I was like, 'Oh, this is amazing.' And before I knew it he wrote the complete top line on it and, yeah, right now I'm working on the track around the top line," the 18-year-old explained.

So when can we finally hear this collaboration? According to Garrix, it will be available for your listening pleasure very soon.

"Almost finished, we're just tweaking, I'm tweaking the little things right now, he already delivered an amazing vocal and there are plans to work on a lot more tracks as well," he said. "I'm thinking about making two versions, one more sweet, and one really for the festivals, like, it's going to be fun, I'm excited."