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Selena Gomez Gushing About ‘Cute Little’ Zedd Is Making Our Hearts Melt

The singer opened up about her rumored new beau in a recent candid interview.

Zeddlena shippers, you might want to sit down for this one.

Up until now, Selena Gomez has been pretty tight-lipped about her rumored new beau, Zedd. But finally, after months of teasing us with FOMO-inducing Instagrams and a seriously amazing collaboration, she’s opening up about the budding relationship.

The 22-year-old stopped by Radio Disney’s “The Alli Simpson Show” (yep, as in Cody Simpson’s little sis) on Friday (Mar. 21) to talk about working with the EDM producer extraordinaire on her upcoming album.

“I respect his vision because he has a way of knowing how important his role is as an EDM artist, and he doesn’t spend most of his time traveling the word DJing,” the "I Want You To Know" singer explained. “He really spent so much time on this record. He wanted everything, from the lyrical content, to who sang it, and how they sang it. He’s great, and very talented.”

Zedd recently revealed the hilarious way he met Sel (basically, it was all because he “had to pee”), and she confirmed, saying their relationship naturally progressed after that.

“He and I met when we were recording using the same building and he needed to use my bathroom,” she shared. “We ended up talking, sharing music, and it happened organically. He’s great, and he cares so much about the meaning of his songs.”

But enough about all that — what we really want to know is, does Sel think Zedd is as insanely attractive as the rest of us do?

“He’s this cute little German, and he’s got really beautiful eyes, and he’s very sweet and funny,” she gushed.


YASSSS, Zeddlena. We’re rooting hard for you.