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Zedd Says He First Met Selena Gomez Because He 'Had To Pee'

Just like in the movies.

Today, Zedd revealed how he and girlfriend Selena Gomez first met, and it's not exactly "John Cusack holding a boombox over his head"-levels of romantic.

"It was about as random as it gets," the #euro producer told Los Angeles' 97.1 AMP Radio on Thursday (Feb. 26) about the encounter.

It turns out he "had to pee" during his day off, so he popped by the studio next to his to use the restroom. There, he ran into the chairman and CEO of Interscope, John Janick, who introduced him to Selena.

"She's cool," Zedd thought to himself. "Maybe we should make a song."

That song would later come to be known as "I Want You To Know," and the rest is history.

It's no "Jennifer Lopez almost gets run over by a dumpster until Matthew McConaughey pulls her out of harm's way," but it'll do.