Will 'American Horror Story: Hotel' Be The Season Of Hot Dudes?

With Jessica Lange gone, are men coming back in style?

Okay, so we already know that "American Horror Story" season five will officially be the season of the hotel, and we're guessing it might even be the real-life Garden of Allah, which was referenced twice in "Freak Show" and had plenty of the old-school Hollywood glamour that "AHS" goes (Lady) Gaga for.

But the setting and the theme of "American Horror Story" is never really the same thing. "Freak Show" took place in a freak show, but it was really about a group of misfits fighting a war against societal evils. "Murder House" was set in a murder house, but it focused on the decline of the American family. "Coven" focused on racism and female empowerment, while "Asylum," of course, questioned what sanity really means in a world full of death, aliens, Nazi doctors and possessed nuns.


The thing all four of these seasons had it common, however -- and especially in "Freak Show" and "Coven" -- was their female-dominated casts, led by Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Frances Conroy, Angela Bassett, Emma Roberts, and creator Ryan Murphy's love of dynamic female characters. This love is clearly not going away anytime soon given the high-profile casting of Lady Gaga to replace Lange, but when FX Networks CEO John Landgraf said that season five was going to be an "unusually large reinvention" that is "very different" from "Freak Show" and Coven" in January, we're beginning to think he meant in terms of casting -- because the only other people confirmed to appear in "Hotel" besides Gaga are three very hot, young dudes. That's right, ladies and gents... we are officially entering "AHS"'s Season of the Dude.

Matt Bomer, Cheyenne Jackson and Wes Bentley have already been confirmed to play opposite Gaga in season five, and we have a pretty strong hunch that Finn Wittrock -- if not fan-favorite Evan Peters, who is in the midst of a burgeoning film career -- will return as well. Lange, however, is definitely gone, while Paulson's new role in "American Crime Story," Roberts' in "Scream Queens," and Taissa Farmiga's in ABC's "L.A. Crime" should render them unavailable as well.


Meanwhile, Gabourey Sidibe is over at Fox doing "Empire," and who knows if Bassett and Bates will return with Lange -- who brought serious awards cred to the show -- out of the picture. This is obviously a huge departure for the series, which didn't even allow its two male characters to speak back in season three. Now, we have gentlemen officially outnumbering the ladies three-to-one, and you just know that Gaga's fiancé, Taylor Kinney, will show up for a cameo at some point.

Which, you know, is totally fine! "AHS" needed a shake-up after "Freak Show," and with serious talent like Bomer, Jackson and Bentley joining the cast, we're ready for a season full of physically attractive dudes... but only this one time, okay? We kind of liked having so many badass females in charge.

(FX did not respond to MTV's request for comment on the Season of the Dudes.)