Here's One Major Way 'Rogue One' Will Be Different From Every Other 'Star Wars' Movie

Brace yourself for a new high score.

After months and months of referring to it as nothing more than, "that 'Star Wars' spinoff," we can now finally talk about "that 'Star Wars' spinoff" by its name: "Rogue One."

Directed by "Godzilla" helmer Gareth Edwards, "Rogue One" stars Felicity Jones and centers on… well, we don't know! There's very little we know about the movie itself, other than its name (which indicates a strong emphasis on the X-Wing pilots of Rogue Squadron, but that's still just speculation) and the people working on it, like original writer Gary Whitta and re-writer Chris Weitz.

Now, here's another bit of new information: Oscar-winning composer Alexandre Desplat will be joining the "Rogue One" team to score the film. Slash Film reports that Desplat, who just won an Academy Award for his work on "The Grand Budapest Hotel" and was also nominated for an award for "The Imitation Game," will write the music for "Rogue One," reuniting him with Edwards after the two combined forces on "Godzilla."

Desplat's talents and resumé speak for themselves, but still, his involvement in "Rogue One" marks one very major departure from the rest of the "Star Wars" franchise: No John Williams.

This will be the first outing in the "Star Wars" films that won't feature Williams behind the musical wheel — not that we were expecting him here, seeing as he's already tied up with "The Force Awakens," and it's probably a bit much to ask him to tackle "Rogue One" on top of it all. Still, it's yet another reminder that we've entered a brand new day for the "Star Wars" series, with new voices and visionaries making their mark on the classic galaxy set a long time ago, so far away.

"Rogue One" flies into theaters on December 16, 2016.