Meghan Trainor Has These 10 Rules For Her ‘Dear Future Husband’

Meghan drops her new video and a lot of clues about what it takes to be her man.

GIFs by Jennifer Rivera

Meghan Trainor knows exactly what she wants in a man, and she isn't afraid to let you know.

The pop star, who just announced her second headlining tour, M Train, dropped her latest music video for her new single, "Dear Future Husband," time traveling back to the Stepford wives era where we see her baking pies, scrubbing the floors and searching for the perfect guy.

But don't expect this to be a love letter to her future man, because the purpose of this girl-power track is to outline exactly what her guy needs to know if he wants to be her "one and only all my life."

So how will he pass the test? Just follow these simple rules.

  1. Take Her On A Date

    That's not so much to ask, right?

  2. Don't Forget The Flowers

    Especially on your anniversary.

  3. Don't Expect Her To Cook

    Because she's got a job too.

  4. Treat Her Like A Lady

    Even when she's "acting crazy."

  5. Want Some Love?

    Then tell her she's beautiful each and every night

  6. Happy Wife, Happy Life

    Even when she's wrong, apologize, because you know she's never wrong.

  7. Don't Rock The Boat

    Because you want to keep things afloat.

  8. Don't Have A Dirty Mind

    Because that won't lead you anywhere.

  9. Buy Her A Rock

    A big one.

  10. And Serve Her Pizza

    Because a way to a woman's heart is with pizza.