11 Reasons To Fall In Love With Ellie Kemper

How in the ham sandwich is she so cute?!

When it comes to our imaginary celebrity BFFs, Ellie Kemper is at the top of our list. (Sorry, Taylor Swift. You've been replaced.)

The bubbly TV star plays the plucky, titular character in Tina Fey and Robert Carlock's latest brainchild, "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt." And Kemper's performance is EVERYTHING. Not only do we root for Kimmy Schmidt, survivor extraordinaire, but we also aspire to be like her -- or at least bottle up her unrelenting optimism.

So when Kemper visited MTV News to chat about her new Netflix series (and to give us her tips for surviving New York City), we had high hopes for our future imaginary friendship. As it turns out, Kemper is just as delightful as her onscreen counterpart. Just try not to fall in love with her after reading this list. Go ahead, we triple-dog-dare you.

  1. She thinks Kimmy Schmidt and Taylor Swift would be besties.
    MTV News

    Their collective optimism could power New York City for months.

  2. She loves cats!
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    Who doesn't love soft things? Sociopaths. That's who.

  3. She's very wise.
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    We love a woman of strong convictions.

  4. She doesn't overreact.
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    Nope. Never.

  5. She's practical.
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    The threat is real, and it's up to you to shut that s--t down.

  6. She's adorably self-deprecating.
    MTV News

    Fun fact: Fey and Carlock created the character of Kimmy Schmidt for Kemper. So it's no surprise that Kimmy is both looney and incredible sharp.

  7. She's as tooken with Liam Neeson as you are.
    MTV News

    The original title of the series was "Tooken," since Kimmy was kidnapped as a teen and raised in an underground apocalypse bunker for 15 years, so clearly, there's potential for a Liam Neeson cameo.

  8. She never really gets mad.
    MTV News

    It's that Midwestern charm.

  9. She's never too hard on herself.
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    Sometimes, enough is enough, and you just need to let it out. And when that happens, there's only one word that comes to mind.

  10. She's okay with asking the tough questions.
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    How does Kimmy get around New York City? Does she take cabs everywhere? Or is she making the most of her awesome light-up sneakers? Our guess is on the latter. Then again, how the heck do those things work?!

  11. And she's just as obsessed with the "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" theme song as the rest of the internet.
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    It's kind of the best thing that ever happened to our lives. Also, that adorable little cowgirl in the opening credits? Yeah, that's actually Kemper. #TheMoreYouKnow

Never change, Ellie. We love you just the way you are.

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