Would You Have Spared Johnny Bananas And Nany From The 'Battle Of The Exes 2' Dome?

Everyone jumped ship on Wes' boat, but why?

Just because you come back from the dead doesn't mean you can't still fall into an open grave...

On last week's "Battle of the Exes 2" episode, Johnny Bananas and Nany, who'd been fighting through the game's very first loser's bracket, were finally and officially deemed the champions of "Battle of the EX-iled" and earned entry back into the game. Strangely, though, some folks who'd previously moved mountains to get them out of the house were suddenly on their side, which begged the question -- why does it seem like Team Green is suddenly immune from The Dome?

Sure, it makes sense that Leroy, Johnny's closest ally, would shift away from desperation-accomplice Wes and back to Bananas, but after Sarah and Jordan won "Wrecking Ball" and were named Power Couple, it was as if the choice of sending Johnny and Nany in to square off against Wes and Theresa wasn't even on the table. And, considering Johnny's history with Jordan, we weren't totally sure why.

So, since Sarah and Jordan were bent on keeping rookies Jay and Jenna around in hopes that they'd be easy to beat in the final mission, Leroy and Nia were the only remaining choice in the three-man race, and naturally, when the vote was cast, Nia lost her cool. Still, in the heat of the hurricane, Nia's bewilderment wasn't completely unfounded -- if Jordan was nervous that Wes and Theresa could be competition at the game's end, as he predicted they would be earlier in the episode, how could he not think the same of Johnny and Nany, who came in first place and second place, respectively, last season? No, voting Banany in immediately upon their return certainly wouldn't have been the neighborly choice, but in terms of game play, it had the potential to make things a whole lot easier.

Whaddya think -- would you have spared Johnny and Nany from The Dome and kept them on your side, or would you try to oust 'em once again to maximize your chance of winning the final game? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to see what happens on the next episode tomorrow night at 11/10c!