Fireworks Show: See Nany's Greatest 'Challenge' Explosions

The 'Real World: Las Vegas' alum has had more than a few meltdowns.

"The Challenge" is known for igniting some unforgettable brawls, and during the past four seasons of the MTV series, Nany has been in the thick of some pretty hairy arguments and screaming matches. But hey, that's just part of the game...

On this week's episode of "Battle of the Exes 2," the "Real World: Las Vegas" alum and her partner Johnny Bananas clawed their way back into the fray after eliminating four teams in the Battle of the Ex-iled -- as well as the final showdown against Zach and Jonna in The Dome. But the real fireworks ensued at a fiery nomination ceremony, shortly after Leroy and Nia were named to compete in an elimination against last-place finishers Wes and Theresa. Hurricane Nia couldn't hold in her distaste for the unfolding events -- first firing off her anger at power couple Jordan and Sarah and then quickly shifting her focus to the five-time champ. Naturally, N chimed in and then the fun really began...

But this is hardly the first time that the feisty New Yorker has raised her voice in the heat of the moment and spoken her mind. In honor of Throwback Thursday, take a look back at six other times Nany completely lost her cool -- and be sure to keep watching her in "BOTE2" action on Tuesdays at 11/10c!

  1. Dude, where's my laundry? from "Battle of the Seasons"

    At first, the newbie couldn't find her freshly cleaned clothes, but she quickly discovered that all of her attire had been tossed in the house pool. Who was the culprit of the very familiar Tonya/Beth "Inferno 2" act? Why, that would be perennial jokester Knight.

  2. Knight strikes again from "BOTS"

    It started as a late-night party bus incident between Jemmye and Camila, but the gals' confrontation quickly spiraled out of control when Knight called the rookie a "f**king bitch" for intervening. Frank and Trishelle needed to hold our girl back from physically attacking the "Real World: New Orleans" alum.

  3. Do NOT bring up my family from "BOTS"

    It all began when Nany accused Frank of not being a good friend, but it turned ugly when he hurled some painful bombs about Nany's sister. N's former Sin City roomie Dustin entered the fray to defend his gal, only bringing matters to a boiling point.

  4. A tune for the ages from "Rivals 2"

    There was no denying Diem was displeased that CT was flirting with the Latina at the bar, but things got interesting when Nany got wind of a rap song supposedly written by the vet. "I'm not a rapper," Diem admitted in a separate interview, emphatically denying that she had anything to do with the lyrics. AND SCENE.

  5. Why can't we be friends from "Free Agents"

    CT was understandably pissed that he got stuck with the group's expensive tab and, as the crew exited the bar, the Bostonian got reamed out by Camila. But it didn't end there: The sassy Brazilian then lost it and started berating Nany, even though N was only trying to defend her friend.

  6. It's Theresa Time from "Battle of the Exes 2"

    The ladies have never been able to see eye-to-eye, but things didn't go exactly to plan during a strategy sesh at the Power Couple dinner table. Specifically, N crying...