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Listen To Game And Meek Mill Get Soulful On 'The Soundtrack'

A hard-knocking track about the hard knock life.

This has been quite a momentous week for collaborations between important rappers: on Friday, Jay Electronica released a new song featuring Jay-Z, and now Meek Mill and Game have teamed up for a brand-new track called "The Soundtrack."

Game has been hard at work on the follow-up to his album The Documentary, so this is most likely either a song that was cut from the project's sessions or one that will find a home on its tracklist.

The beat features jazzy, swirling elements—a wailing vocal sample, soulful horns, hard-knock percussion and a full choir. Game and Meek Mill both have bold, confident vocal styles, and are more then capable of handling busy instrumentals. Meek's typically boisterous yelp cuts through the mix, complemented by Game's guttural growl.

Together they paint a picture of a salvation and pain in a rough inner-city environment. Game pulls no punches in describing the challenges he's faced:

"Meek tell 'em that I'm back on my grizzly though /Most of these rappers' lives like a f—kin' Miguel video," he raps. "Compton killed eight of my n—gas, but that's my city though/Yeah we movin' birds, but we throw 'em like a frisbee though."

The song concludes with a touching saxophone solo and a reprise from the soulful chorus.

While there's no official announcement, expect further news of The Documentary 2's release to follow shortly.