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The Jay Electronica Drought Is Over: Listen To His New Song With Jay Z

Savor this moment.

It's that time again.

That magical time that comes along once every few months (if we're lucky) when our ears are treated to a new Jay Electronica verse.

We got just that early Friday morning (Mar. 6), when a previously unheard song from the reclusive MC, tentatively titled "Road to Perdition," hit the 'net.

It's been floating around as "featuring Jay Z," but it's not quite that. We do hear Hov's voice, but in the form of some reused ad-libs from "Success," off of his 2007 album American Gangster.

As usual, Jay Elec's rhymes are pointed, seasoned and deep. And he's got plenty to say.

The origins of the track are unclear, as an unofficial version, hit the 'net early in the morning, before RapRadar uploaded a CDQ version. Some online are speculating that it could even be five years old.

As for if this means we'll hear more from the New Orleans native soon? That's anyone's guess -- but last year, he told MTV News that he has a ton of music recorded.

“I’ve got enough material for many albums,” he said.

“[Jay's] very involved and we’ve got a good relationship. The greatest thing that he’s done with me, is that he’s been very patient with me -- just letting me do me, and take my time...He’s got the music, but I’ve still gotta get to a point where I’m comfortable with it, because at the end of the day it’s me coming.”