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Recipe For An Action Bronson Recording Session: Salvia, Sage, Tribal Anthems

Maybe a little belly wiggle too?

Action Bronson is releasing his studio debut, Mr. Wonderful, on Mar. 24, and if you've even wondered how the Queens rapper approaches recording, well, sh-t gets weird.

Action made an appearance on ESPN's "Highly Questionable," where he revealed that his favorite track to record for the album was "Easy Rider," and it certainly sounds like it was a magical experience.

Apparently, he was out in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, listening to psychedelic samples on YouTube, and then all of sudden, it was like, "you strike gold -- Yahtzee! -- and from there on I was just in a trance, there was salvia involved, there was sage being burned, there was Indians coming and singing with tribal anthems."

And by "Indians," he meant Native Americans.

We also got a little insight into how his mind works when fans rush him onstage. While other rappers might worry about getting caught doing anything questionable on camera, Action takes a completely different approach.

"You know how many people for their phones out? Every move is filmed, so I have to be the aggressor," he told ESPN. "Usually there's not many security guards there [so] I have to react as fast as I do."

One of his favorite fan altercations happened in Boston: "I catch him at the perfect point when he jumps up -- clothesline, leg sweep, folded him up in half like a piece of cheese."