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Action Bronson And Chance The Rapper's Anti-Love Song 'Baby Blue' Might Give You Paper Cuts

Don't drink from cups with razors.

"Why you always all on my back?"

That's what Action Bronson and Chance the Rapper want to know on their new collaboration "Baby Blue," which will appear on Action's major label debut Mr. Wonderful.

The new track is produced by Mark Ronson, so you can already expect a stellar beat, with Chance and Action trading bars about girls who seems to be torturing the f--k out of them.

Chance begins the song by launching into the catchy hook, which was apparently co-written by BBC host Zane Lowe, before handing over the reigns to Action for the first verse.

When it's the Chicago rapper's turn, things just get ridiculous.

"I hope you get a paper cut, on your tongue/ From a razor in a paper cup," he spits. "I hope every soda you drink already shaken up," and my favorite, "I hope your t----s all saggy in your early twenties."

Mr. Wonderful drops on March 24.

Until then, you can also enjoy Action Bronson's endlessly entertaining video for "Actin' Crazy."