An Annotated Guide To Johnny Bananas' 'Challenge' Elimination Round Record

The game's king and Nany were ousted on tonight's episode but still have a chance to break back into the game.

Even Muhammad Ali stumbled a handful of times en route to cementing his legacy of greatness, and now, reigning "Challenge" King Johnny Bananas must similarly take one on the chin.

Bananas and ex-fling Nany, who fell short of first place in "Open Arms" on tonight's "Battle of the Exes 2" episode, knew they were in for some trouble when nemeses Wes and Theresa were deemed Power Couple. Each team had given the other a pass across the game's first couple of missions, but Wes decided it was time to make a bold move, and so, he tossed his ol' frenemy to the wolves.

In The Dome's "Strung Out," which challenged players to traverse giant logs while suspended beneath them, Nany took off like a rocket and gave her opponent Nia something to worry about. While barreling through the second leg of her heat, though, Nany hit a snag in the wood, and though she desperately pushed and pulled in an effort to move beyond it, the obstacle proved to be insurmountable. Nia and Leroy capitalized on her struggle, effectively sending Team Green packing.

It was unusual to see Johnny ousted from the game, but it wasn't the first time he was forced to put down a slice of humble pie, either. Look back at each of his nine previous elimination rounds below, and tell us if you think he and Nany have a shot at winning the "EX-iled" tournament and returning to the game!

    vs. Tyler, "The Duel" (0-1)
    The "Real World: Key West" housemates found themselves at the bottom of the totem pole at the start of their very first "Challenge," and when the cast sentenced Tyler to compete in the first Duel, he chose his pal JB as his opponent. Sadly, "I Can" didn't go Johnny's way, and he became the show's first casualty. vs. Evan, "Gauntlet III" (0-2)
    Johnny exacted a bit of revenge on Tyler in the vets vs. rookies war by orchestrating Tyler's elimination, but Tyler left the door open for Johnny, and only three episodes into the show, Evan sent JB packin' after a tense round of "Sliders." vs. Dunbar, "The Ruins" (1-2)
    After watching teammate Susie strong-arm her way to victory in "Rag Doll," Johnny was committed to following suit, and upon a grueling match against Dunbar, JB finally got his first elimination round win and was elated to have come out with a W so late in the game. vs. Tyler/CT, "Cutthroat" (1-3)
    "Cutthroat" threw the game's competitors one hell of a curveball when host TJ Lavin announced that CT and Tina -- neither of whom were on the game's original roster -- would return to compete in a single elimination. Though Tyler was Johnny's actual opponent in the game, the former "Real World" cast members each competed against CT instead, and it was revealed that he who staved off the monster the longest would win. Johnny put up a valiant effort, but he proved to be no match for CT in "Back Up Off Me" and left the Czech Republic with nada. vs. Adam and CT, "Rivals" (2-3)
    Though Adam and CT were the favorites to win "T-Bone," the game's final elimination round, Adam couldn't quite make it up the final hill, and Johnny and Tyler finally overcame their contentious history to win when it mattered most. vs. Mark and Robin, "Battle of the Exes" (3-3)
    As members of the same alliance, Mark and Johnny worked together to make it through the end of "Exes," but upon winning the game's final Power Couple title, CT and Diem decided to pit them against each other and spare Ty and Emily -- who'd already competed in three Domes -- from yet another elimination round. Thankfully, Johnny and Camila proved to be in real fighting shape and decisively won "X-Battle." vs. Isaac, "Free Agents" (4-3)
    After getting voted into elimination by a house vote, Johnny Bananas was at the mercy of The Draw, which would determine his opponent. Isaac wound up with an unlucky hand, and in "Balls In," JB took him down without breaking a sweat. vs. Jordan, "Free Agents" (5-3)
    "Free Agent"'s newer players were eager to oust Bananas from the house, and after getting voted into the elimination round for a second time, a confounded JB watched as Jordan flipped each of The Draw's cards, guaranteeing himself a spot opposite Johnny in "Wrecking Wall." Jordan talked a big game, but Johnny's hits were a little bit harder, and he happily sent the former "Real World: Portland" housemate home. vs. CT, "Free Agents" (6-3)
    Yet again, CT and Johnny found themselves fighting for a single spot in a "Challenge" finale, and when it all came down to a handful of puzzles, Bananas' brain proved to be the superior, and he marched onto victory as the "Free Agents" victor.

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