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Miley Cyrus, Hero, Sleeps In A Big Mac-Loving Karl Lagerfeld T-Shirt


If you ever wondered what your faves sleep in, Miley Cyrus is here to provide a little peek behind the curtain. Turns out, when she's not slumbering in onesies, she's all about that Karl Lagerfeld life. Aren't we all, though, TBH?

Miley shared a mirror selfie—how MySpace of you, M!—giving us a behind-the-scenes look at her what her "6 am call times be like..." and, while we are very intrigued by her face mask and what looks like a freshly bleached 'do, the only thing we really care about in this photo is that Karl shirt.

Yes, that is throwback Karl Lagerfeld, pre-white hair, with a Big Mac—of all things!!—held to his lips. This shirt depicts Karl in a #veryrare form. If you, like me, need to add it to your wardrobe immediately, here's where you can get it.

This isn't the first time Miley has worn her admiration for Karl on her (literal) sleeve, though last time she did it he looked, um, a little bit different. There was no hamburger in sight, sadly.

Will Miley get into the Choupette t-shirt market next? We'll keep our fingers crossed.