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Miley Cyrus Finally Found Her Onesie Soulmate: Ariana Grande

In case you haven't noticed, Miley Cyrus is a onesie connoisseur. Whether she's covered in leopard print or pepperoni, our girl is always finding new ways to wear footie pajamas—and now she's got a partner in crime.

Last night, Ariana Grande showed support for Miley's Happy Hippie Foundation by wearing—you guessed it—an animal-themed onesie to Miley's mysterious backyard jam session. She traded in her signature cat ears for (what looks like) a mouse ensemble, and Miley proved she's the singlet queen by busting out a head-to-toe horse ~lewk~ (which she already has two other equine versions of here and here). This time, though, she went for a majestic unicorn. *insert rainbow and stars emojis*

Oddly enough, Ariana has sported the exact same ensemble before, so either these two are swapping onesies, or they just have a lot in common. Either way, you can totally grab one for yourself right here!