6 Things You Can Totally Do Now That Mercury Isn't Retrograde

One of which is a song that will be your new astrological anthem.

As we know from Taylor Swift and our resident astrologer, Licorice Root, Mercury Retrograde kind of sucks. Lucky for the collective us, that pissy planet is currently copacetic -- and, to celebrate, we have a list of things you should do before it goes all whatever again on May 18. Oh! And because we're MTV and dig music, we have an astrological jam to pump you up as well.

  1. Sign Contracts

    Been itching to change jobs or, you know, finally sign that big-ass record deal that's going to make you a star? Well, according to Licorice, doing so during Mercury Retrograde is a massive "no-no" so get out that pen NOW, because everything gets all wonky again this Spring.

  2. Buy Electronics

    The Apple Watch is dropping on March 9, which seems almost like serendipity, right? Load up on all that techie gear now, Licorice says, before we're plunged once more into the Luddite-replete darkness of Retrograde.

  3. Call Your Crush

    Got a new dude/lady in your life that you wish you could smash faces with? (That's what kissing is, right?) Well, you should hit him/her up NOW -- unless s/he's an old flame, says Licorice. "You might wanna reunite with those when Mercury is Retrograde and nostalgic," she said. Ed Note: Unless you previously announced that you were never (ever) getting back together. Swift's word is final.

  4. Express Yourself

    "Mercury rules communication, and if you have a point you need make loud and clear now is the time to do it," Licorice told MTV News. So, yeah, you have our official permission to make a (constructive) scene.

  5. Take Public Transit

    If you have it in your town, that is. You can use all the money you save on Uber to take out your crush. It all makes sense, guys -- it all makes sense.

  6. Listen To This Song

    This is Mommy Long Legs from Seattle and I am obsessed with them right now. Their debut LP, Life Rips, drops on March 13, but an amazing track titled "Horrorscope" is streaming now -- all about, you guessed it, Mercury Retrograde. Blast it until May.