Peter Yang

Which 'Real World: Ex-Plosion' Couple Is Expecting A Baby?

See the super-sweet photo that announced the news!

On Season 29 of "Real World," former couples shacked up together until they came apart at the seams, but one pair of exes is about to be cemented together forever.

Jenny Delich and Brian Williams, who tore up San Francisco with high kicks, Buddha quips and dances with knives, made a huge announcement last night on Twitter: They're going to be parents! And Jenny's already beaming with a maternal glow in a photo she shared with the post.

Jenny Delich's Twitter

"Baby on the way! Expected July/August 2015 :D" Jenny tweeted with the pic, in which Brian adoringly kisses her ballooning baby bump. Considering these two drove each other to the point of insanity while Bay Area residents, we're glad to see they've finally figured things out.

Can you believe these two will soon be mom and dad? Share your thoughts, watch a sweet moment Jenny and Brian shared in the "Ex-Plosion" house and be sure to catch a brand-new "Real World: Skeletons" episode tomorrow night at 10/9c!