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Premiere: Kelly Clarkson Wants To Stop Fighting On 'War Paint'

Listen to the latest Piece By Piece track below.

Kelly Clarkson has unveiled a handful of songs off of her seventh studio album, Piece By Piece, ahead of the LP’s release. From the exuberant "Heartbeat Song" to the plaintive "Tightrope," they've all had her typically towering vocals and lyrics drenched with the dramas and joys of relationships.

And today we're premiering the latest song, "War Paint," which might be the most potent example of those elements yet. Hear it below.

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Clarkson alternately whispers and soars as she sings about removing our war paint, symbolizing letting your guard down and letting people in. "I'll take off yours if you take off mine, reveal the things that we're trying to hide," she sings as cavernous drums and icy synths swirl around her. Producer Jason Halbert constructed the spectral and airy arrangement, which subtly steps out of the way to let the lyrics shine, but then pulsates when Clarkson digs her heels in on the chorus.

You can hear "War Paint" on Piece By Piece when it drops Tuesday.