Whitney Port Reveals Her Most Cringe-Worthy Moments EVER

And yes, that 'Good Morning America' appearance is one of them.

Everyone has incidents that they'd prefer to forget -- like awkward breakups or terrible tumbles -- and Whitney Port is certainly no different. Back when the erstwhile MTV starlet was living in "The Hills" and eventually "The City," she had some of those uncomfortable moments she wished were a distant (and non-televised) memory.

The fashion designer recently caught up with MTV News and dished about two specific instances that still make her squirm. And yes, the now-29-year-old's spill on live television -- while donning Hilary Swank's retro Oscars frock -- understandably gets an honorable mention.

"That day was really brutal for me," the blushing bride-to-be revealed in the clip above about her "Good Morning America" appearance. "Reliving it on TV wasn't that difficult, 'cause I had gotten over it. But that 24 hours after I fell, I was so mortified."

That's not the only thing that makes Whit writhe -- the other involves a certain conversation with an attractive Australian...

But it isn't all awkward memories. Check out the clip below that brings a smile to Whitney's face -- hint: it happened at LES DEUX -- and share your favorite Whitney "Hills" and "City" moments below!