When Whitney moved to New York City to start a career in fashion, she dreamed like every other young designer to someday have a runway show during Fashion Week. This season, she's going to learn that the runway is actually just the beginning, and succeeding as a designer takes a lot more than just making clothes. The moment the fashion show is behind her, the real work begins for Whitney. With Kelly pushing her to promote her line, she will now face critics from the cutthroat fashion capital of the world.

Whitney thinks she's getting a break when her ex-colleague, Olivia Palermo, looks at her line for ELLE Magazine's website. But when Olivia refuses to interview Whitney for the piece, the truth comes out that Olivia doesn't support Whitney, or her clothes. With a year of New York under her belt, Whitney isn't the California girl she once was, and she's not afraid of giving Olivia a piece of her mind.

As Whitney grows her brand, and her profile increases, she must focus on her vision for both her clothes and her life. Roxy is still by her side, but Whitney will need to decide whether to continue to rely on the help of her best friend and roommate, or finally listen to Kelly's advice and distance herself from Roxy professionally.