The 11 Hottest New Guys Of the 2015 TV Season, Ranked

A lot of them are on 'Empire.'

Being a television viewer in 2015 is rewarding in many, many ways. With so many options available between cable and streaming services, the boob tube has become more racially diverse, it contains meatier roles for women, and "Transparent" exists... but there's also the timeless, age-old pleasure that is watching super hot dudes. Preferably in shirtless form.

So to celebrate this ancient art of televised hotness, here are the 11 hottest breakout dudes of this television season -- and yes, I said BREAKOUT, so my apologies to the Ben McKenzies and Joshua Jacksons of this world who have been famous for years and years. (You'll get over it.)

  1. Chris Wood, "The Vampire Diaries"

    "Vampire Diaries" isn't a new show, but Wood's Kai is a brand-spankin' new baddie -- and evil has never looked hotter.

  2. Carlos Valdes, "The Flash"

    Being the funniest, warmest character on a show full of them is no easy feat, but Valdes pulls it off with aplomb. And that's hot.

  3. Alfie Enoch, "How to Get Away With Murder"

    Minus 1000 points to Gryffindor for his extracurriculars, but DAMN does Wes have the most adorable smile on ABC right now.

  4. Bryshere Y. Gray, "Empire"

    Hakeem, sometimes we all want to slap you -- but you drop great tracks, and look good doing it. Plus, your relationship with Jamal is extremely redeeming.

  5. James D'Arcy, "Marvel's Agent Carter"

    Who knew Jarvis, the English accent-clad voice guiding Tony Stark through the "Iron Man" movies, was such a hottie during his early-to-mid 20th century lifetime?

  6. Brandon Routh, "Arrow"

    Now, before you go ahead reminding me that Routh played Superman, hear me out -- that movie was hated. And Routh, all "Chuck" appearances aside, pretty much disappeared for a while until his awesome turn as Ray Palmer on "Arrow." He's so good -- and HOT -- that's he's already getting a spin-off. (Sorry, Felicity.)

  7. Justin Baldoni, "Jane the Virgin"

    If you want to watch hot guys take off their shirts on television, look no further than The CW. But what's irresistible about Baldoni is his smoldering ex-bad boy status, as well as his growing love and respect for Jane. We ship it.

  8. Trai Byers, "Empire"

    True, Andre didn't come blessed with the same musical talent as his two brothers, but he did get the classic leading man looks... and the devastating, all-too-real battle with bipolar disorder. Byers is great in the less-flashy role, and truly a star to watch.

  9. Grant Gustin, "The Flash"

    That smile! That face! That science brain! "Jane the Virgin" has been The CW's biggest critical hit, but "The Flash" is garnering all the ratings... and must of that is undoubtedly due to Gustin, who is undeniably winning (and handsome) as Barry Allen. It's a star-making role, and the taleted fella deserves every bit of praise he gets for bringing so much enthusiasm and fun to the often heavy superhero genre.

  10. Jussie Smollett, "Empire"

    No offense to Andre (or Hakeem), but Jamal is the "Empire" brother we root for week after week after week. Smollett has become a breakout star in just a few short weeks, and it's easy to see why -- Jamal is not only smokin' hot, but he's the emotional center of a cast filled with (mostly) lovable crazies.

  11. Jack Falahee, "How to Get Away With Murder"

    Yes, Viola Davis is the dynamite, "real" star of "How to Get Away With Murder," but we've known she's a badass for years. Falahee's "manwhore homosexual" (his words) Connor is the breakout of "HTGAWM," as much for his smoldering, boundary-breaking sex scenes as his wit and stellar eye-roll.