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Sorry, Olicity Fans: Here's Why Ray Palmer Is The Best Hero For Felicity

What's good for Felicity is good for the world.

[Spoilers for the February 25 episode of "Arrow" lie ahead!]

So, if you're reading this, you probably already know that last night's episode of "Arrow," "Nanda Parbat," ended with a bang -- and not just the bang that was Ra's al Ghul asking Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) to replace him. There was also the other bang, the "literal" bang, of Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) finally going to bed with someone, namely Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh).

And while Twitter immediately blew up with angry backlash from the Olicity faithful, we think Felicity taking charge of her own happiness and hooking up with Ray was a perfectly great idea, even if it did end in Ray jumping off the roof like a second-rate Iron Man.

Moving away from Oliver should give Felicity -- who has spent the last few weeks pouting like a spurned lover as the Arrow focused on pretty much everything besides her -- something to finally smile about, and we're all about our favorite M.I.T. grad living her best life. Below, three reasons why Raylicity is actually a great idea:

  1. Because Oliver's been a massive jerk.

    What would you do if one of your BFFs was in love with someone who consistently told them they were interested, only to never follow up physically or emotionally, and even leave town for weeks at a time, leaving them in the lurch? You'd tell them to run, that's what you'd do.

    It's easy to give Oliver a pass because he's insanely handsome and the hero of the show, but when it comes to being there for Felicity, he just can't do it. Can't, or won't. No matter what we think about OTPs and what not, the fact is, his behavior towards her borders on manipulation. I'm not saying he means it, I'm just saying that actions mean a whole lot more than words. And Felicity's not getting any action, so at least for now, it's time for her to move on.

    Which brings us to our next point...

  2. Because Felicity is THIRSTY.

    Many shows like to shame female characters for their sexuality (except "The 100" which is utter awesome), so let's not be too quick to judge our gal Felicity for wanting to get with some hot dudes, K? Her overt and understandable crush on Oliver is part of what made us love her in the first place.

    Anyway, Felicity has gone three whole seasons without any action, which is more than we can say for literally every other character on the show. Why shouldn't she move on with the kind, handsome man who has shown her pretty much nothing but respect (the "pretty much" refers to him not respecting her boundaries when it came to initially accepting the job) since day one?

  3. Because Ray is... well...

    Sometimes when mere words won't suffice, a GIF will do just fine. Not as fine as Ray Palmer's stunning physique, but you get it.

    Anyway, Ray is a fine suitor for Felicity at this moment, and she needs it -- no offense to my favorite gal, but watching her pine after Oliver and/or act as a woman scorned these past few weeks has not been fun or productive for anybody.

    It was time for her to move on, and move on she did -- would you really want our plucky heroine to waste months or years of her living pining for a guy who isn't ready for a relationship? Let's hope you wouldn't.