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Drake Heard Chris Brown's Latest Dis, And Fired Back

He got enemies, got a lot of enemies.

It looks like Drake caught wind of Chris Brown’s recent comments about him.

Over the last few days, Breezy has had a bit to say -- although, admittedly, not a ton -- when he got questions about his relationship with Drizzy during his recent press run. Mostly, he stressed that until he gets paid to talk about Drake, he's not gonna talk about him (Chris Brown TED Talk on Drake on deck?). He also did a not-so-flattering impression of Aubrey, and clarified that they're not particularly friends.

At least the two seem to be on the same page about that last part.

During his set in Auckland, New Zealand, on Monday, the Young Money rapper changed a phrase in his song "Energy" to seemingly address Brown (although not by name).

"R&B n---as that I gotta act like I like/ But my actin’ days are over, f--k them n---as for life, boy," he rapped on the If You're Reading This, It's Too Late track, substituting "R&B n---as" for the song's original "rap n---as" lyric.

And it was all good just six months ago -- or so we thought.

“I wanted to be able to bring light to the situation and just grow up,” Chris told MTV News in September about squashing his beef with Drake. “I’m 25 and I’m not getting younger. You can’t walk around holding grudges, looking over your shoulder and being negative all the time. I’m tired of being looked at as the aggressor, so I just wanted to show my maturity.”

Soooo, guessing this means we're not getting any collabs from these two?