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Chris Brown Does A Drake Impression And It's...Uh, Not Flattering

Breezy talks Drizzy.

For a while, it really looked like we'd be getting some music from Chris Brown and Drake.

After years of beef -- from jabs over Rihanna to the infamous fight at a New York nightclub -- the two stars seemed to squash their issues last summer, when CB joined Drake for a funny skit at the ESPYs, poking fun at their past.

Then, in September, Breezy explained to MTV News how and why the two put their differences to the side.

“I wanted to be able to bring light to the situation and just grow up," he said. "I’m 25 and I’m not getting younger. You can’t walk around holding grudges, looking over your shoulder and being negative all the time. I’m tired of being looked at as the aggressor, so I just wanted to show my maturity.”

But it sounds like things aren't exactly peachy between the two right now.

When asked about Drizzy during a talk with Nessa on Hot 97, the singer didn't sound all that warm and friendly.

"We not getting no check from talkin' about dude," he said. "We giving him all this pub. At the end of the day, I look at it like this: I can't keep makin' these motherf--kers famous. I'm responsible for a lot of reviving of careers, and everything else. I think, when I keep talking about somebody -- even right now, 'cause I'm just making him hot right now."

Then, at about the 9:15 mark, he does an Aubrey impression -- and it's not particularly flattering. After that, he had more to say.

"It just be a lot of studio gangsters," he went on. "My thing is, if you real -- I'm not just saying just him, [but] in general -- I'm not trying to be the tough R&B guy; I'm not trying to be hip-hop or anything else. I'm just real. So it's hard for me to be in this industry for ten years straight, since I was 15, and then to see buffoonery."

Nessa isn't the only one who asked Chris about his relationship with the If You're Reading This, It's Too Late rapper over the last few days. While on a press run with Tyga, promoting their upcoming Fan of a Fan: The Album, CB has been faced with Drizzy questions multiple times. And he continues to answer them in a similar way.

"We making him hot by talking about this n---a," he told "Ebro in the Morning," also on Hot 97. "If he come on y'all radio station, great, then that's gonna give y'all some ratings. But I'm not gonna give this n---a no more ratings by talking 'bout this dude. And I'm not gonna let Tyga do it."

Later, he said called their situation "petty," and said, "I don't mess with dude."

"We are just giving him so much publicity," he added. "That's not a check for me. I like money. So if I'ma talk about him, I need a check. [Tyga] need a check."

During his interview with "The Breakfast Club," the Virginia native took the same stance.

"I ain't get no money by talkin' about him," he said. He also addressed a picture of them in the studio together from last summer.

"I didn't make no records with him. He just was in the studio. He was a fan."

Well, there goes that.

One person that Chris did make a lot of records with, though, was Tyga. The duo's collaborative album, Fan of a Fan: The Album, hits stores on Tuesday, Feb. 24.