14 Pairs Of Secret Single Underwear To Buy Yourself This Valentine's Day

4 ur eyes only

Before the fact that you're single on Valentine's Day has you elbow deep in Netflix rom-coms and a family size bag of M&Ms, consider this: Being single means YOU CAN WEAR WHATEVER AWESOME UNDERWEAR YOU WANT. Forget all those racy, lacy undies countless people are spending their money on to impress bae. The only bae you have to impress is yourself, and if that means wearing comfy cotton boy shorts shaped like a panda, then so be it.

Just in case you're not sure where to start when it comes to treating yo' (single) self, I took the liberty of scouring the interwebz in search of the undies that happen to be so cool you just might forget it's even February 14.

  1. Naughty 7-Day Cheekie Pant Pack ($40)

    "Moanday" instead of Monday? "Teaseday" instead of Tuesday? HAH. This is the kind of kinky autocorrect I can get behind.

  2. Pink Shortie Panty ($11)
    VS Pink

    Plain? Maybe. Comfortable AF? Um, hello. Look at them. They can also send a helpful message about your relationship status in case you don't feel like updating Facebook for the hundredth time (LOL JK who even does that anymore...definitely not me...ok bye).

  3. Panda Print Bikini ($5)

    As I mentioned earlier, wearing underwear shaped like the face of a panda is probably the best way to say, "I literally do not care what you think of my underthings, I'm doin' me." Also, they're freakin' adorable, no? (P.S. I'm currently looking for some in the shape of a pug and will keep you all updated)

  4. Tropical Thong ($8)

    So what if your BFF is taking a spur-of-the-moment trip to Florida with her boytoy to celebrate the Hallmark holiday? Wearing this island-inspired thong is just as good as going on a fun trip by yourself...all alone...always alone...DAMN YOU, VALENTINE'S DAY.

  5. 3-pack "Whatever" Cotton Hipster Briefs ($15)

    If you're super ambivalent about V-Day, a triple pack of these cotton briefs is just what the Love Doctor ordered.

  6. Boston Terrier Boyshorts ($4)

    Um, guys. Is that adorable little Boston Terrier wearing...A SWEATER? I need 50 pairs of these in every color. S'cute.

  7. 3-pack Superhero Boy Shorts ($13)

    It's scientifically impossible to feel upset when you're wearing the Batman insignia on your bum.

  8. Big Grump Briefs ($13

    Shout out to all my fellow Grumpy Cat fans. I'd ask if you were loving these, but since being grumpy 24/7, 365 prevents feeling anything but anger/indifference/general hatred, I'll just leave these here. Make of them what you will.

  9. Flawless Graphic Bikini ($5)

    These undies are flawless, just like you. :)

  10. Latte Print Boyshorts ($4)

    Who needs morning sex when you have all these lattes to wake you up? NOBODY, THAT'S WHO.

  11. Hot Dogs Boypants ($8)

    These are the only wieners you'll need this Valentine's Day, trust me.

  12. Cat Cupid Print Boypants ($8)

    While these are only $8, I would easily pay $800. It's like the the Sistine Chapel of underwear.

  13. TMNT Boypants ($8)

    Can you still technically be single if you let Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello in your pants? Debatable.

  14. Sweet Treats 7-Day Panties Pack ($25)

    #Happy #Valentine's #Day #to #you.